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Jill Gorman - Independent Scentsy Super Star Consultant

Customer Service Promise

As a fellow Scentsy lover, I know how important it is to receive your order in a timely and satisfactory manner. As your consultant, I promise to do everything I can to ensure you receive first class service. I want to be your go-to Scentsy gal and taking good care of my customers is my number 1 priority.

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Popular Scentsy Specials

Below are some of Scenty's most popular specials that are sure to be a hit for anyone that loves Scentsy. From helping support a charitable cause to finding a hot money saving deal on Scentsy items, our Scentsy Specials section is going to make you a very happy customer.

Scentsy Wickless Candle Warmers

Hello, I'm Jill Gorman (Independent Scentsy Director) and I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Scentsy Wickless Candle Warmers where you can enjoy all the sensory delights of scented candles without the dangers of an open flame. Scentsy's wickless candle bars and electric warmers are flameless, smokeless and soot-free making them a highly attractive alternative to more expensive jarred candles. Simply turn it on and enjoy one of 80 uniquely different Scentsy fragrances.

Why Buy Scentsy Candle Warmers?

Shop Scentsy Now

Shop Scentsy Now

When you buy Scentsy Candle Warmers you are purchasing a beautifully decorated, safe, clean and highly scented alternative to burning traditional jarred candles in your home. Scentsy eliminates the fear of fires, and the spreading of soot throughout your home through the warming of wax melted by the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame.

Scentsy has plenty of creative gift ideas for everyone on your gift-giving list, whether it's a special occasion or just because. With over 167 Different Warmers, 98 Unique Scents, 18 Beautiful Diffusers and 28 Natural and Essential Oils to choose from I'm confident you will find a Scentsy product to make you happy.

Feel free to take a look at all the amazing candle warmers and Scentsy Products we offer and start enjoying the benefits associated with owning a Scentsy Warmer.

Why Host A Scentsy Party?

Host A Scentsy Party

Host A Scentsy Party

Hosting a Scentsy party is a fun, easy way to earn Scentsy products. Whether it's a casual home party or a simple basket party, you'll enjoy sharing Scentsy with friends and family, or co-workers. Hosting a Scentsy Party is also rewarding in more ways than one.

While you're enjoying time with friends and family, you're also earning Hostess Rewards (free and half-price Scentsy products) at the same time.

It's so simple. Your Hostess Rewards are based on the dollar amount of product sold at your party, excluding any sales tax or shipping charges that may apply. And don't worry if everyone you've invited can't make it, any orders you collect in advance still count toward your Hostess Rewards allowing you to qualify for even more free and 1/2 price Scentsy products.

Why Become A Scentsy Consultant?

Start A Scentsy Business

Join The Team

Deciding to become a Scentsy consultant is one of the best decisions you could make in your life. Scentsy's philosophy of simplicity, authenticity, and value is working. They are one of the fastest growing and most successful companies the direct selling industry has ever seen.

Whether you're looking for a little extra income or a full-time career, when you become a Scentsy consultant we'll give you the support you need to reach your dreams. Financial freedom, a flexible schedule, and a company you can believe in, for Scentsy consultants, it really is that simple.

New Scentsy Consultants needed near you! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity.

Spring/Summer Scentsy Consultant Starter Kit

Scentsy Starter Kit

Spring/Summer 2017 Starter Kit

Your Scentsy Starter Kit comes with everything you need to successfully start your new business as an Independant Scentsy consultant. Spring/Summer Kits for 2017 contain the following items:

Beacon Warmer | Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar | Amazon Rain Scentsy Bar | Clothesline Room Spray | Luna Car Bar | Stella the Unicorn Buddy Clip | Scentsy Clean Washer Whiffs (16 oz.) | Coconut Lemongrass Counter Clean | New Consultant Guide | Quick Start Guide | Spring/Summer 2017 Party Tester Set | Laundry Liquid samples | Print Your Own business labels (1 pack of 10 sheets) | Spring/Summer 2017 Catalogs (1 pack of 25) | Order forms (1 pack of 100) | Spring/Summer 2017 Showcase Brochure | Spring/Summer 2017 Product List (1 pad of 50 sheets) | Host brochures (1 pack of 25) | Join brochures (1 pack of 25) | Spring/Summer 2017 Product Training Guide | Free gift |